Frequently Asked Questions

How many flavors are in the SmartWell?
There will be at least three flavors at all times in the SmartWell.

What are the ingredients in the flavors?
The flavors are all natural with zero calories and no artificial sweeteners. The ingredients in the flavors are water, natural flavor extract, and potassium sorbate (to preserve taste).

Are there any sweeteners in the drinks?
No, there are no sweeteners in the drinks.

Does the SmartWell offer hot water for coffee and tea?
No. This is for safety reasons.

How do I create a Voda account for my child?
Please visit and click “Create a School Account”.

How do I pay for my child’s Voda account?
You pay with your credit card at on your account.

Why is this account separate from the school’s online lunch account?
The lunch account is setup as a pay per use system, and cannot do our $7.99 monthly payment. Also, it is too costly for Voda to integrate with the lunch account software provider.

Are there any hidden fees besides the $7.99/month or any transaction fees?
No, there are no hidden fess or transaction fees.

Is there a cancellation fee when my child graduates and I unsubscribe?
No, there is no cancellation fee for unsubscribing.

Will I be charged during the months when there is no school?
No, you will only be charged during the months when school is in session.

How does it work if I have more than one child in school?
On your online account, you have the option to add more than one child. Your credit card will be charged $7.99/mo for each child on your account.

When during the school day will my child be able to use the SmartWell?
The SmartWell will be on and functioning 24 hours a day. Student access to the SmartWell will be up to school policy.

What happens if my child forgets their water bottle one day?
If your child forgets their bottle, they should ask a cafeteria member for a cup. Voda does not provide extra cups or bottles.

What happens if my child drinks more than the allowed drinks per month?
The SmartWell will not allow your child to drink more than the allotted amount. This is to protect you from excessive charges to your credit card.

Are there tiers of subscription prices? Can I buy more drinks for my child?
Right now there is only one tier of subscription ($7.99/mo). In the future, if there is demand for it, we will consider adding multiple subscription tiers.

If my child does not use all of his/her drinks one month, do they “rollover” into the next month?
No they do not rollover to the next month.

What happens if my account gets hacked, or if my child’s student ID and PIN is not working at the SmartWell?
If you believe your account has been hacked, or if your child’s Student ID and PIN is not working, call us at 860.341.5990 ext. 0 for customer service, or email us at We will cancel your old account and help you create a new one.

We hope this FAQ page has been helpful to you. If you have a question that is not on this FAQ page, or if you’d like further clarification, please contact us.

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