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30 drinks a month at school for $7.99.
No hassle. No Fees.

Introducing the SmartWell

An amazing, custom beverage dispenser perfectly designed for schools.

Select pure or carbonated water, and customize your drink with a combination of zero-calorie flavors, healthy electrolytes, and vitamins.

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Started by UConn Students,
Run by UConn Graduates

We are a Connecticut-grown company proud to have our roots at the University of Connecticut. We believe in the ability of the individual to improve the world. We support this belief by creating products that are healthy, eco-friendly, and advocate personal choice.

Voda Team

Parents: How It Works

If your school has a SmartWell, your student can use it and get up to 30 drinks per month for just $7.99.

Create an account to sign up your student so they can use the SmartWell.

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